Wooden drawing toys for children smarter

Wooden drawing toys for children smarter

Toys that both help children develop intelligence, while helping them relax to learn, can play with relatives and friends is very interesting and meaningful. It is a wooden toy. Let’s take a closer look at how this toy plays!

Wooden children’s toys tend to thrive in Vietnam. They are quite diverse as well as plastic products. When you learn, you will see many beautiful wooden products, with different functions such as wooden walkers, wooden dining chairs, wooden drums, wooden cars, assembled toy sets, assembled puzzles, cooking toys, … made from wood. Among wooden toys, the wooden draw line is also a fun toy for both mother and baby. Have you ever bought wooden drawn toys for your baby? Let’s see what’s interesting about them.

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Born in the ’80s, the game of drawing wood playing according to the principle of wooden folding 3 horizontal bars – 3 vertical bars gradually becomes a quite interesting and famous game in the world.
How to play with a wooden toy:
– Number of members playing: the number of people playing with this wooden toy should be 2 or more people.
– When playing a dice attached, usually 4 dice for 4 players. The game of drawing wood has 48 or 54 colored wooden bars or digital wood …
– The play of a wooden toy will be counted by shaking the dice for the total score.
– The player draws a wooden toy stick according to the turn that he or she shakes the dice.
– Then the player will pull out the wooden bars or continue to stack the wood on top.
– The bars are numbered on the bar and you can arrange the bars in order or randomly.
– Playing wooden toys not only brings relaxation moments for babies and parents, but also helps children develop their brain, increase their observant mind, and help children be more patient and careful.

The game of drawing wood helps children to play collectively, thereby training team coordination and skill in the playing process. Small size toy can take anywhere, very suitable for traveling, picnicking and also a very meaningful item. Playing wooden toys helps mothers and babies relieve stress effectively. The game is very durable and beautiful, so you can rest assured that this toy is kept for a long time. Avoid letting toys come into contact with water, keep your hands dry to avoid moldy toys.

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