Is vegetable juice really healthy?

Is vegetable juice really healthy?

As the food market in Vietnam, today is increasingly polluted, many people believe in choosing clean foods such as organic vegetables and believing that it has more divine properties than other types. Other foods. What are the benefits of growing organic vegetables?

Many people think that using organic food will contribute to friendly environmental protection. Compared with conventional vegetable cultivation, it is necessary to use pesticides and chemicals, which will pollute water and water sources. As for the organic vegetable growers that do not use toxic substances, the yield and yield of the vegetable output will be very little or maybe only half of that of conventional agriculture. This means that in order to have enough food for consumers, it will take twice as much acreage of organic vegetables today. And in order to have land for organic food, then we have to use it for afforestation and low-yield agriculture also makes many poor farmers even poorer. The prices of organic vegetables will also become more expensive to influence consumers.

There are also some opinions that organic vegetables are more nutritious and delicious than vegetables grown normally. Many researchers have shown that more or less food root nutrients are dependent on from harvest to processing, not by organic planting. As for the fact that organic vegetables are better, no one can confirm which method is better. If you want fresh and delicious vegetables, you should find and buy vegetables that have just been harvested, in the right season, and that are still fresh that will not be sold for a long time.

Another mistake of many people is that when using organic vegetables, it is not necessary to wash them thoroughly. Regardless of the method of growing vegetables, vegetables are likely to be poisoned. Because when growing vegetables with organic fertilizers, the animal manure also contains bacteria that infect the soil and water from which bacteria spread to vegetables, especially vegetables close to the ground. To avoid bacterial contamination of vegetables, we should wash vegetables thoroughly before processing to ensure the health of your family. As for the concept that using organic food is better for health, it is also true in different specific cases.

You think that using organic vegetables or other organic foods is that you are advocating for small farms and environmentally friendly businesses. This view is also completely not true because most of the organic vegetables that are being offered on the market today are certified and trusted by customers to use are companies and corporations. great reputation. And the number of organic vegetables used a lot is also imported vegetables.

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