How to package a beautiful gift within 3 steps

How to package a beautiful gift within 3 steps

Arranging bonsai in the living room is currently being chosen by many homeowners to decorate the space as well as bring good feng shui for the house. However, not everyone knows how to choose trees and how to arrange them. In particular, not only ensuring the aesthetics but the trees also have a great impact on the living room in particular and the overall house in particular. For this reason, Architec Viet would like to reveal to you the arrangement of ornamental plants in the living room to help bring luck, fortune and increase the aesthetic value of your family’s living space through the article below.

The role of bonsai layout in the living room – Arranging ornamental plants in the living room has the effect of increasing the aesthetics while creating good feng shui for family life. Because the living room is the first place when entering the house, so it can be said that this is the area to impress guests and decide the aesthetics of the overall space. On the other hand, besides the function of welcoming and receiving guests, this is also the place where families gather and gather together at the end of the day. Therefore, the design and decoration of the living room space play a very important role. In particular, using feng shui green trees is also a way to help decorate the living room effectively. Especially if it is properly arranged, it will bring good fortune to the family.

How to decorate a tree in the house – Because the living room is the reception area and the common activities of the family, it is necessary to have airy and cool. Therefore, when choosing ornamental plants to decorate the living room, homeowners should avoid choosing large, tall trees in the middle of the room. Besides, the number of flowers and trees should limit the decoration too much because they will only make the space more confusing. In particular, with narrow spaces such as tube houses, townhouses, the decoration of many trees makes the room even more mysterious and uncomfortable.

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Instead of having many ornamental plants, you should arrange some outstanding flowers or trees to make highlights. Green trees can be used as a screen to separate the living room from other spaces in the house. This way not only makes the space more beautiful and eye-catching. It also makes the living areas in the house are scientifically separated but still have a reasonable cohesion.

According to feng shui, bonsai should be arranged in the living room to choose plants with long life. Because it symbolizes sustainability and endurance. Besides, you should choose ornamental plants with a compact shape, gentle scent to create a beautiful landscape for the living room. Both help deodorize, reduce dust effectively to help the living room air be fresh and cleaner.

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