4 beautiful rectangular wooden tea table samples

4 beautiful rectangular wooden tea table samples

The wooden tea table is designed with many different creative styles and colors. In particular, the neat rectangular tea table design, easy to arrange is a popular choice of many houses today. Rectangular wooden tea table with diverse colors, high usability and decoration, make the living room neat and impressive.

Among the commonly used combinations of colors, the tea table color blends black and white in many different styles gives a very high classic – modern, contrast, and impression. So these are also two colors that are commonly used in combination for beautiful wooden tea tables. A typical example is the following 4 beautiful rectangular wooden tea tables with impressive black and white colors.

Modern sofa tea table design with neat rectangular shape, easy to combine with corner sofa, sofa… make perfect living room furniture. This tea table model is selected in black – white color, from black glass to discreet box, the line on the tea table is prominent on the white background. The tea table is both luxurious and brings a harmonious and sharp beauty.

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Modern European technology 7-layer painted tea table design, luxurious white color. The black colors are combined through the striking bright black 8ly tempered glass and the fake black lines in the neatly-made box, creating a special feature unique to this living room tea table model. Not too many black details, but the dots make a new creation for the tea table.

This tea table model is a combination of a white table body and solid, luxurious black 8ly tempered glass. With this combination, the tea table pattern becomes prominent and accentuates the luxurious tabletop, creating a decorative effect no less than other modern tea table designs. The edge of the tea table is rounded and safe to help users move and arrange to use.

With a harmonious combination of black and white alternating, this durable industrial wood drinking table model gives a distinct impression. The black-white color alternates from the glass surface to the percussion surface to the top of the table body, then the box and the table body, and finally the table base to create a unique, interesting, and outstanding harmony. Two colors blend elegance and creativity. You can combine it with high-quality leather sofas to bring the perfect space.

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