10 Benefits of Digital Technology

10 Benefits of Digital Technology

About 10 years ago, when the first iPhone was released by Apple. This is also the time when the real smartphone boom in Vietnam. Since then, the effect of badly bitten apples has also emerged like a windy kite. Initially, they are not too special, but later on, the features are improved and enhanced. This serves users, mobile applications are also made more, so the number of people using smartphones is also increasing.

According to 2012 statistics, there are more than 5.3 billion mobile devices in the world. In which the number of smartphone users is nearly 1.5 billion units. To date, this number has increased even more. Let’s see what benefits smartphones bring to users:

1/Note the necessary things without pen and paper
In the golden age of brick phones made by Nokia, Motorola …, when you want to take down important information, you still have to equip yourself with a paper and a pen that is very inconvenient, even. Voice recorder too if you want to record the entire conversation.
But now it’s all wrapped up in the perfect phone. You just need to fully charge the battery, which can be accompanied by a stylus like the S-Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

2/Connecting has become easier and more dynamic than before
With phones like the divine 1200, 1208, you can only text with monotonous characters and boring beep sounds. With a smartphone in hand, you have a multitude of options to contact your loved ones such as: sending animated pictures, video calls, checking in on social media locations, even chatting for free. through applications such as Facebook messenger or Zalo, Viber for example …

3/Easy bill payment
Until now, in Vietnam, money is still collected mainly in forms such as payment via bank accounts or paying on the spot in cash. However, mobile payment is a new trend that is gradually popular today. You just need to hold the phone to swipe across the payment machine (if it is equipped with NFC technology). Or a simpler way is to text the switchboard to get a quick payment code or pay through an intermediary electronic payment application for example.

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4/Entertainment or work becomes easier and more convenient with smartphones
With the phone in hand you can entertain or work as you like, for example: compose documents, listen to music, watch movies, play games … Not only the basic features available on the machine, users can go to the app market to download applications in all fields such as dictionaries, games, photo editing applications, office suite … These applications are both paid and free if paid for it. Payment via bank account.

5/Find your way easily with your phone with GPS navigation
Everyone once had to ask for directions because they do not know where they are standing, with mobile phones with global GPS navigation feature, you will not have trouble finding the way anymore but can see or choose the route setting that is most convenient to the destination. Not only that, but you can also find convenience stores, restaurants, ATMs or gas stations easily through accompanying applications.

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